From my collection of significant documents kept. A snapshot of the 'alternative' culture in York, in the early 1980s ('The Age of the Badge!') When I rediscovered the fabulous badge list, I had to share these.

'YCB badges list – 1983 – PDF

York Community Bookshop – badges list, 1983 (PDF, 1.99MB)

'This is the age of the BADGE!' ...

... and this list of badges is an evocative snapshot of the early 1980s, from an 'alternative' angle. Or indeed many alternative angles.

'YCB book list cover – 1983 – PDF

York Community Bookshop – book list cover & notes, 1983 (PDF, 4.56MB)

- includes a description of the bookshop and its management. 'We are attempting ... to work together, men and women, on an equal footing.' A fantastic place, fondly remembered. 'We encourage people to treat the shop as a resource rather than just a place to buy books'. And indeed it was a hub of radical activity, in its time.

'Women's march, York, 24 May 1983 – PDF

Women's march, York, 24 May 1983 (PDF, 11MB)

Told school I was going to the dentist. 15 years old. Men outside M&S shouted 'get back to the kitchen'.

'Children and dogs joined in as a lorry-load of singing women played guitar, bongo and double bass.' (YEP).

'Peace songs, 1983 – PDF

Peace songs – 1983 (PDF, 4.45MB)

'They call him Ron with the neutron bomb'

'YCND – York – Jobs Not Bombs, 21 May 1983 – PDF

Leaflet for York Youth CND march, 21 May 1983 (PDF, 5.26MB)

'Jobs Not Bombs' – 21 May 1983. Met at Heworth Car Park (since built on).

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