York Walks /1

Bar walls – Monk Bar to Layerthorpe

Photographed on 25 January 2004

Bar walls, looking towards Layerthorpe Bridge from Monk Bar


Bar walls, looking back towards Monk Bar
Walls towards Monk Bar, showing Aldwark housing Walls towards Layerthorpe

From this section of the walls we have, within the walls, attractive views of some well-designed housing in the Aldwark area (above left), the Merchant Taylors' Hall (below left – rear view) and of course the Minster (below right).

Merchant Taylors Hall, rear/side view Minster, from the bar walls between Monk Bar and Layerthorpe

On the other side of the walls, the delights of Sainsbury's car park and a gasometer. Quite a contrast really.

The gasometer, with its rusty orange hues, is reasonably attractive, in its own industrial kind of way. Sainsbury's isn't. But then both are essential to modern life, and most of us wouldn't want to do without them, and they have to go somewhere.

Sainsbury's car park and a gasometer, from the bar walls

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