York Walks /2

Spurriergate and Peter Lane

Photographed on 23 March 2004

Only connected because a recent demolition has connected them, in that Spurriergate is now visible from Peter Lane (which runs parallel). It's always interesting when new views open up.

A new view from Peter Lane to Spurrriergate   Demolition site, between Peter Lane and Spurriergate
Spurriergate from Peter Lane, across demolition site  

There's no public outcry about this particular demolition, as the buildings on Spurriergate that are being demolished were nondescript, and in recent months bits of concrete had been falling off them. I think these were the buildings referred to by David Lloyd in the Esher report: 'The recent shop redevelopment on the opposite corner [from St Michael's Church, visible in the photo, left] is one of the worst examples of post-war building on a prominent site in York.'


The row of houses painted in pastel shades fronts onto Spurriergate, but I'd never have noticed them ordinarily, until I saw them from Peter Lane, across this newly opened-up space.

Peter Lane

Old and very narrow alleyway – 1  

The beginning of Peter Lane is a short street, but it narrows into two alleyways, medieval common lanes. These are a useful shortcut between busy shopping streets in the centre of town, if you're in a hurry.

One of the lanes is pictured left, and the other below. Both lead to High Ousegate.

Old and very narrow alleyway – 2   Old and very narrow alleyway – 2, from a different angle

They're so narrow that if you meet anyone coming the other way it can be a challenge to pass without touching. I think most people, like me, check for oncoming pedestrian traffic before entering these alleys, then get along them as quickly as possible. They're not the kind of place you'd want to loiter, after all.

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The snickelways above, and many others, feature in Mark W Jones' Walk Around the Snickelways of York.