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St Oswald's Hall, Fulford

Photographed on 16 March 2004

Headstones at St Oswald's St Oswald's gateway

I visited here many years ago, and thought I'd revisit it during my 16 March walk.

If you're approaching from the riverside path you come up to it via a scratty piece of wasteland full of litter, which seems very much "urban". Then you see this amazing sight of all these headstones apparently leaning over the wall (above). The gateway itself is beautiful (top right), and inside it is this lovely old building nestled in among grass and trees.

St Oswald's Church dates to about 1150, but was replaced by a new church, and declared redundant in the 1970s, after which it was converted to a private dwelling and is now St Oswald's Hall.

Apparently victims of the Black Death were buried here in 1349. Archeaological excavation has revealed traces of two earlier buildings here and signs of prehistoric, Roman and Saxon occupation.

St Oswald's, from the gateway
Gateway to St Oswald's   'The evening brings all home'

The gateway appears to have been erected as a memorial, and there's an inscription inside. I stood in the gateway awhile, and admired the inside of the roof, and noticed a bird's nest had been built at some time in its apex. A lovely quiet place.


And I noticed the inscription on the other side of the roof. You will have to enlarge the image to see it, or at least hover over the picture for the caption. But it's best if you enlarge the picture and see it as I did.

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After visiting St Oswald's I continued my walk along the riverside to Fulford Ings.