York Walks /3

Former Drill Hall, St Andrewgate

Photographed on 1 August 2004

I'm not sure what happens in a Drill Hall, but I guess it's something related to military matters. These days it houses part of Barnitts hardware store, and is filled with garden and household goods. It's an unusual-looking building, and of a style rare in York, so it's pleasing that its exterior was preserved. The building is on the corner of Colliergate and St Andrewgate. It is, my reference book tells me, a good example of the use of polychromatic brick (ie, I guess, multi-coloured brick), and there aren't a lot of examples of this in York. The fire station building, a former chapel, is another example of this style.

  Ornate and colourful doorway, Drill Hall
View along St Andrewgate frontage   Detail of tile inset below window

English Heritage listing records say that it was designed in the late 19th century by Gould and Fisher for the First West Yorkshire (York) Rifle Volunteer Battalion.

View of doorway   Carved inscription above doorway – 'Pro aris et focis'

Above (right): Inscription above the doorway – "Pro aris et focis" – "For our altars and our home".

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