York Walks /3

Foundry Lane, Leeman Road

Photographed on 5 August 2004

Foundry Lane buildings   Foundry Lane buildings – former Albion Foundry office

When I originally looked for these buildings I ended up a bit lost, in the wilds of Leeman Road's industrial wastelands (see York's other railway museum), but managed to locate them a week or so later. (I wasn't wandering around Leeman Road all that time, I went home inbetween.)

I looked for them after reading an article from the local paper, about how these are old foundry buildings, part of York's industrial heritage, and how they should, if possible, be preserved. In case they're not, I took photographs of them. The article discussing them can be found on this link: www.thisisyork.co.uk – Teardrop treasures

  Foundry – machine shop
Machine shop – detail   Foundry building, with cat

"We have wonderful medieval and Georgian architecture here [in York], but there's also some important 19th century buildings. We don't want to erase this stuff as if it never existed. What I really want is for people not to look at York Central and assume they have got a blank site; that there's just the NRM and everything else can go. I want a proper appraisal of the site and an assessment of the significance of the buildings that are there now."
– Bill Fawcett, railway historian, quoted in the article Teardrop treasures (www.thisisyork.co.uk)

Machine shop   Weathered sign reads "S F P Processing Engineers Ltd – Works Department

The sign on the door (above right) for "S F P Processing Engineers Ltd", suggests that these buildings have been used by other companies since the foundry days. Elsewhere in this yard, a sign on the wall (right) says "York Postal Transport Workshop", which is I guess what the site is used for now. Originally the buildings in this area were home to the Albion Foundry, part of the York Railway Plant Co, which moved here from Aldwark around 1872. The image on the far right is a detail from one of the foundry buildings.

Much-altered wall, showing former doorway/window, with sign Machine shop – detail

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