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Rawcliffe Meadows

Photographed on 7 August 2004

Exploring beyond the city walls – Chocolate and Chicory: York and beyond, by bicycle

Rawcliffe Meadow – entrance – looking out towards the ings and the river   Rawcliffe Meadow, looking towards the path through the meadow

For more information on the meadows, see the website for The Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows.

Rawcliffe Meadows Nature Park was established in 1991 and covers 25 acres of the Clifton floodplain on the northern outskirts of York. The site is managed by The Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows. The meadows are accessible via footpath and cycle path from the riverside area at Clifton Ings.

Most of the photos on this page were taken on 7 August 2004, a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon. The tractor was out mowing the hay and brambles were beginning to ripen in the hedges.

Sign indicating this is part of the cycle route   View across Rawcliffe Meadow
Wooden sign – summer 2004   Wooden sign – New Year's Day 2001

This sign reads "Hay Meadow. Encourage flowers by mowing to prevent an invasion of docks, thistles and grasses." I think it's a beautiful thing, and have included two photos to show how it too changes through the seasons, being made of wood. On the left is a photo taken on the same day as the others on this page, in summer 2004. The image on the right was taken several years ago, in winter, on New Year's Day 2001, when there was snow on the ground. There's a lovely greenish mossy tinge to the sign, presumably from the winter wet. It summer it looks as if it's dried out, and the crack has widened in the wood.

This is a peaceful place to walk, or indeed cycle, at any time of year.

Across the meadow   Across the meadow
Brambles ripening in the hedgerows   Wall of the former Clifton hospital grounds

Above: ripening brambles in the hedgerow, to feed birds and passing humans. Above right, an old brick wall which I think marks the old boundary of what used to be Clifton Hospital. This site has its own page: York Walks /3 : Former Clifton Hospital site

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