York Walks /4

Homestead Park, Clifton

Photographed on 31 October 2004

The park is owned and managed by the Joseph Rowntree Trust. I've not walked through here for a while. But I picked the perfect day to visit, in late October with these fine old trees turning colour.

For background information on the park, and more photos, see my page Green spaces: Homestead Park.

Homestead Park, 31 October 2004   Homestead Park – avenue of trees
Sunlit corner, Homestead Park   Trees of many colours
Picnic bench and autumn trees   Low afternoon sunlight
Beautiful trees   More beautiful trees
Even more beautiful trees   Misty view through beautiful trees
. . . yes, more trees   Interestingly shaped beautiful tree
Beautiful shiny tree bark   Peeling tree bark, against the sun
Silver birch, copper beech and conifer   Beech tree and beech hedge