York Walks /1

Churchyards and gardens

Photographed in January 2004

Gardens viewed from the bar walls, with the Minster visible on the skyline, on the morning of 21 January 2004

Photos left and below: The section of the bar walls between Bootham Bar and Monk Bar is one of the most attractive, because of the varied gardens of the Minster precincts, viewable from the walls. These photos were taken during walks in January 2004. There are no flowers visible in the gardens, but the structure of some of the more formal gardens is still attractive even in the winter months.

Looking down on the gardens in the shadow of the bar walls between Bootham Bar and Monk Bar, on the morning of 21 January 2004 Garden visible from the walls, near Bootham Bar. Late afternoon, 9 January 2004.

Detail from the churchyard of St Olave's Church on Marygate.

Stone urn, St Olave's churchyard. Nature is in the process of reclaiming this fine old stonework.
Part of the imaginative Foss-side planting by the Coppergate Centre. Yellow witch hazel, 21 January 2004. Orange-flowered witch hazel, Museum Gardens, 21 January 2004

January is witch-hazel time. These fine specimens were chanced upon during my wanders on 21/01/04. The yellow-flowered shrub is part of the Foss-side planting by the Coppergate centre. The other witch-hazel, an orange-flowered variety, lives in the Museum Gardens, by the museum entrance.

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