York Walks /1


Photographed on 8 January 2004

When I'm walking along Bootham I always have a look down Marygate as I pass by the end of this street. It's always attractive and makes you want to walk along it, as it wanders on down to the River Ouse. There are a few particular details about Marygate that need a mention.

Red phonebox, Marygate  

The red phone box on the corner near the tower – so much more attractive than the modern design, and particularly fine against this old stone wall, which is rather fascinating itself.

A fine bit of wall. 8 January 2004, late afternoon.

This wall – the old abbey wall – runs along the side of the street.

There used to be houses here at one time, tall, narrow buildings built up against the wall, and demolished in 1921.

Imagine York is an excellent online collection of old photographs of York, and includes a photo of the houses that were once here, butting up against the tower where the phonebox above now stands: Photo of Marygate from the Imagine York collection – © City of York Council.

Another fine bit of wall, Marygate, 8 January, late afternoon.

And on Marygate there's also a lovely pub! The Minster Inn, shown here at sunset on 8 January 2004, on my first walk of the year with my camera.

Minster Inn, Marygate, sunset, 9 January 2004

If you manage to ignore the allure of the Minster Inn, and keep heading down the road, to the river, and turn left along the walkway, you find yourself "down by the riverside". (And may feel like you want to "lay down your sword and shield" and start singing. I do hope so.)

Riverside – the Ouse, looking towards Lendal Bridge. 8 January 2004, late afternoon.

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