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Photographed in July & August 2004

I visited Marygate on my very first wander with my camera collecting photos for this site. It was early January, so the trees weren't in leaf. I thought I'd revisit to show Marygate in summer. Though the leaves on the trees change through the seasons, the phone box remains as red as it ever was. On this photo it appears to be hiding in a slightly shy way behind Marygate Tower. Though it shouldn't be shy – it should be proud, as it's a listed building, this phone box.

  Shy-looking phone box

Marygate Tower


St Mary's Tower, lit by early morning sunlight, left and below, and the sign pointing the way to St Olave's Church. You can tell that this is a posh sign as it includes the correct punctuation, whereas I've noticed that the more everyday signs don't bother with apostrophes, and it can be difficult to know whether to include them or not.

Marygate Tower – view 2   Signpost to St Olave's Church

Below: Views along Marygate. Below left, looking towards St Mary's Tower and Bootham, and below right, the old abbey wall on the left and red brick garden walls on the right, looking down the street towards the river.

View along Marygate towards Bootham   View along Marygate showing old abbey wall
Marygate view, with Manor School   Front of former Manor School building, upper floors

Manor School building, lower floors


I'm sure I'm not the only person who's thought it would be good to work in this building, with its large handsome windows and view of the abbey wall (and presumably – from the upper floors – the Museum Gardens). The building used to house the Manor School. The plaque on the walls tells us that the Manor School was founded in 1812, and 'removed to this site from the Kings Manor House in 1922 through the efforts of the late Frederick James Munby'.

Below right: View up Marygate from the front of St Olave's Church. Below left: Just past the church is the entrance to the Museum Gardens, their location made clear by this rather elegant green and gold signpost.

Handsome signpost by lodge at gate to Museum Gardens   Marygate view

Related pages (2004): For more pictures of Marygate, including the Minster Inn, see York Walks /1: Marygate (winter). Also in the winter months I visited the Museum Gardens. And because they're so beautiful, I visited them again in autumn. Marygate Lane and the church of St Olave's are featured in York Walks /3: St Olave's School to St Olave's Church. At one end Marygate joins Bootham – see York Walks /3: Bootham.

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