York Walks /2

Chapter House Street

Photographed on 23 March 2004

Chapter House Street, looking towards Ogleforth. Morning, 23 March 2004. Quiet and peaceful and perfect.   Ornate gateway – entrance to the Treasurer's House
Treasurer's House entrance, Chapter House Street  

Chapter House Street: 'A charming cobbled lane in the Minster precinct, bounded by small houses, the flanks of the Treasurer's House and old walls, the choir and chapter house at the end. For variety of colour and texture, subtle juxtaposition of small elements and sudden contrast of small with great, this is unexcelled anywhere in England.'

David Lloyd, Esher Report (1968)

I can't add anything to that, except to say that these photos of Chapter House Street were taken on a bright sunny morning in March 2004.

View along Chapter House Street, towards the Minster   Chapter House Street, towards the Minster
As I emerged from Gray's Court – a view I see for the first time.   The corner of Chapter House Street where it meets Ogleforth
The Old Rectory House, at the corner of Chapter House Street and Ogleforth  

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