York Walks /2


Photographed on 23 March 2004

Ogleforth, towards the corner with Chapter House Street   View of Ogleforth

Ogleforth, which joins Chapter House Street, is a strange mixture. On one side it looks like the photos above, on the other side of the street, the photos below, of the House and Son premises. As York becomes a smart, tourist-orientated place, it's good to see signs of real everyday life, like washing machines (see below) in the shadow of the Minster . . .

The other side of Ogleforth   Ogleforth, on its 'working' side

There are several gaps in the building on this side of the street. The building above (right) has obviously been preserved though the buildings around it have been cleared. The Dutch House is a 17th century building, which has been altered many times over the years and was renovated in the 1950s. For a view of this building and this section of the street from the 1920s see: Photo of Ogleforth from the Imagine York collection – (© City of York Council)

Appears to be storage for House and Son, complete with washing machines. Real life in the shadow of the Minster. Long may they remain   Minster, above Ogleforth rooftops

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Ogleforth joins Chapter House Street at its corner. Across Goodramgate, at its other end, is Aldwark.