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Bootham Crescent

Photographed in July 2004

What can I say about Bootham Crescent. A 70-year old football ground, home of York City FC. Recently endangered – under threat of being bulldozed for (yet more) housing – the future of Bootham Crescent has recently been secured for some years to come. By 2014 the club will have to relocate, but for now it remains in its historic home, and to celebrate the fact I had to take a few pictures, including a couple of some fine old weathered signs, that I hope will stay, pointing the way, for some time to come.

  Sign: Visiting supporters
Away fans' turnstiles   Bootham Crescent from Grosvenor Road
Sign: Visiting supporters – this way   Bootham Crescent
Graffiti – 'Dolan out'  

This graffiti, on a gate in an alleyway behind the ground, remains as a comment on past frustrations, making it clear that someone wasn't keen on Terry Dolan as manager.

There is much more that could be written about Bootham Crescent and its recent troubles, but this gate, though large, wouldn't be big enough to express them all, and neither is this web page. The club itself, now supporter-owned, has moved on, and looks forward to a brighter future.

York City Supporters' Trust website

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