York Walks /1


Photographed on 1 February 2004

Inscription on former almshouse building, Skeldergate

Skeldergate, running alongside the river between Ouse Bridge and Skeldergate Bridge, is right in the heart of the city. Because of this, and its riverside views, it has been one of the areas most obviously redeveloped over the last twenty years, with work continuing at present on the site next to Ouse Bridge.

Opposite some of the more modern buildings shown below, is the building pictured left, now housing the Yorvik Brass Rubbing Centre, but once, as the inscription indicates, almshouses.


Also on Skeldergate is the Bonding Warehouse, so handsome that it deserves a page of its own – and, indeed, it seems, some attention.

New buildings, Skeldergate Skeldergate, new riverside buildings
Skeldergate's newer buildings New residential buildings, Skeldergate

One of the most interesting buildings on this riverside street – of the many that have been demolished – was the Dutch-gabled warehouse. For a comparison of past and present, see: Image of Skeldergate warehouse from the Imagine York collection – (© City of York Council)

From Skeldergate, looking across a flooded River Ouse

Left – looking across, through the gaps in the buildings above, to King's Staith on the opposite bank of the Ouse, and the tower of the law courts on Clifford Street.

Below – At the end of Skeldergate, a view of the flooded river at Skeldergate Bridge. The Bonding Warehouse is just visible on the left of the photograph.

Flooded Ouse at Skeldergate Bridge

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