York Walks /2

Queen's Staith

Photographed on 16 March 2004

A description of Queen's Staith from the 1960s:

'A working quayside, with cranes, barge moorings, warehouses, bollards and cobbled surface, and a view across to the less lively King's Staith on the opposite bank of the Ouse. The quayside is attractive in its present unselfconscious state.'

David Lloyd, in the Esher Report (1968)

No point complaining about the changes here, which are inevitable. There's a mix of buildings here still, but most of them are modern and residential. I didn't photograph the banners on the most recent development by Ouse Bridge, advertising the newest apartments, but they illustrated that this stretch of riverside has changed in that is now supremely selfconscious.

Queen's Staith, looking like a working quayside, but I think the crane is in the background, building some flats
The newer buildings on Queen's Staith, from the bottom of Peckitt Street on the opposite river bank   Newer buildings, though not as new as the ones with blue bits on. These have red bits instead. I think they're offices (?)

Above: The modern buildings above back on to a road running parallel to the river. (If you like these buildings and would like to see them from the other side, visit York Walks /1 – Skeldergate.)

It's rather handsome – Woodsmill Quay on Queen's Staith   It's so handsome I've had to include another photo

Above: I think they've preserved this bit of the quayside. The Sea Cadets building, on the left of the photo (above, left), is hanging on in there while so much around is changing.

Beautiful Bonding Warehouse   Beautiful Bonding Warehouse again

Above: a beautiful 19th century warehouse at the end of Queen's Staith, near Skeldergate Bridge. What a fantastic building. At the time of writing, it's empty and awaiting redevelopment in some form. For more photos and information, see York Walks /1: The Bonding Warehouse, York Walks /3: Bonding Warehouse, and most recently, also on this site, Buildings: Bonding Warehouse.