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The Bonding Warehouse

Photographed on 1 February 2004

Pigeons perched on the sign for the Bonding Warehouse (now missing its 'N')

The Bonding Warehouse was built towards the end of the 19th century. By the late 20th century it was no longer used as a warehouse but had been refurbished as a pub and restaurant. In the 1980s I celebrated friends' birthdays in its restaurant, in the 90s I watched some excellent comedians perform there at Mike Bennett's Comedy Shack, including Jo Brand, Jeremy Hardy and Mark Thomas.

It's been closed for a while, but I was shocked to see how dilapidated it's looking now.

I've got nothing against pigeons, and rather liked the image of them sitting on this sign, soaking up the winter sun. (Maybe it was the pigeons who stole the "N".) But people as well as pigeons should be using this handsome building.

The images below show the way the Bonding Warehouse has, apparently, been left to decay. Possibly it's hoped by some that it will, so that the site can be developed for housing, as has happened along the rest of Skeldergate.

Bonding Warehouse, 1 February 2004 Bonding Warehouse – apparently an abandonded building
Bonding Warehouse – lit by winter sunlight Signs of greenery around what is, presumably, a broken drainpipe


The broken window is obvious despite the glow of sunlight in another window (above left). Above right, the green mossy effect against the red brick around the drainpipe is probably not a good sign . . . ?

Below, right, the somewhat faded pub sign. It reminds me of a similarly faded painted sign on the side of the INL club. It's unlikely that anyone will allow the Bonding Warehouse to be demolished as the INL is going to be, but perhaps it won't need to be demolished, as with a lack of care it will gradually decay on its own.

Bonding Warehouse Bonding Warehouse sign
View of the Bonding Warehouse from Skeldergate Bridge, 1 February 2004, during Ouse flooding

The river was flooded when these photos were taken, and the Bonding Warehouse did seem to be sitting in water.

Its awkward location, and its tendency to flood, is however no excuse for its apparent neglect.

I'm no expert, but I think that green areas next to drainpipes indicate that you need to get your drainpipes fixed. And that broken windows give easy access to roosting pigeons. And that this is a very handsome building that deserves better.

Nearby – Queen's Staith and Skeldergate Bridge to Millennium Bridge in York Walks /2, Priory Street and Bishophill in York Walks /1 and Bishophill details in York Walks /3. The area was flooded again later in the year, see York Walks /4: River Ouse and autumn floods.

Update, 2011

The Bonding Warehouse was bought, and was being renovated, but in 2011 work stopped and it was put back on the market. See Buildings: Bonding Warehouse, on this site. For more about the building in 2004, see York Walks /3: Bonding Warehouse – revisited (summer 2004).

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