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Bonding Warehouse – revisited

Photographed in July & August 2004

Update – 2014

This is a very old page, now archived. There are many more up to date pages on the Bonding Warehouse, including a recent history in pictures, on the main site. See York Stories: all pages tagged 'Bonding Warehouse' for the latest.

It was beginning to look as if the poor neglected Bonding Warehouse was going to be left to rot and fall into the river. Instead its interior got trashed by a load of people at a rave. (I have to add "allegedly" – as I wasn't there.) Another chapter in the history of this interesting landmark building.

  Bonding Warehouse, with graffiti, 29 July 2004

But at least it's still standing, and those who are responsible for the building have been forced into taking action, at last. It seemed as if everyone was wanting to ignore their responsibility. This building is very vulnerable, and soon someone's going to start making decisions about it on our behalf. We need to make sure the right decisions are made.

Developments since February

In August 2004 the Bonding Warehouse was occupied by members of the York Peace Collective. When I heard about the occupation of the building, I revisited to take a few more photos. I've been keeping an eye on "The Bonding", as I'm sure many of us have. We know that we have to make sure it isn't allowed to decay any further and that a suitable use can be found for this fine industrial building in the future.

Bonding Warehouse: with banner – 'Blair is a Nazi'   Bonding Warehouse with banner for the York Peace Collective

I approached the Bonding Warehouse from Skeldergate, so it wasn't until I crossed Skeldergate Bridge that I noticed the banners hanging off the front. A couple of photos seemed necessary. It was good to see those big central doors open again.

Much as I support the general aims of the group, I'm concerned that this particular action put the building in danger rather than protecting it. The most recent news story – just today as I'm putting the page together (20 August), is that the place is a mess, after the Peace Collective were joined by people who didn't share their aims of preserving the building.

When I walked by I didn't pick up a particularly peaceful atmosphere, so merely took photos and left. It's likely, I guess, that the people with the original good intentions weren't around at the time I visited.

It was good though that the opening up of the Bonding allowed the rescue of some musical equipment belonging to various members of local bands who used to rehearse in there. The equipment (amps, drum kit etc) had been locked up in the upstairs rooms for years, after floods closed the place. Well done to Darren who realised that this would be a good time to reclaim it. (Apparently it wasn't covered in pigeon droppings, as had been feared, but merely a few cobwebs.)

Bonding Warehouse – architectural detail   Bonding Warehouse – graffiti detail

Above, left: on my last visit I was distracted by the missing letter on the gold-lettered sign and by the pigeons sitting on it. This time I noticed the really nice brick detail above it.

Above, right: I'm assuming this graffiti appeared some time over the last few months and wasn't anything to do with the York Peace Collective. Indeed it seems to be something to do with "Tek 13", whoever he/she or they is/are. I've seen their work on the back of the Stonebow already, and wasn't too offended, as the area's an ugly dump. But seeing it on the Bonding Warehouse just annoys me. The building looked fine as it was, it doesn't need extra decoration.

Nice artwork – wrong canvas.

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