York Walks /4

Precentor's Court, Dean's Park and the Minster – revisited

Photographed on 28 October 2004

I took photos of this area way back in York Walks /1, nine months ago, in the early days of having a digital camera. I called back to take more photos mainly because of this fantastic copper beech tree in Precentor's Court, just in front of the Minster. As you come around the corner from the little alleyway down the side of the Hole in the Wall pub, into Precentor's Court, the tree grabs your attention, then there's the Minster behind it, and it's hard to judge which is most beautiful.

  Precentor's Court, looking towards the Minster
Precentor's Court, and the trees in the Purey Cust Hospital   York Minster

Precentor's Court is bounded by the high wall of the Purey Cust on one side, and tall houses on the other, so it's quite a dark street, but at the end of it there's this amazing afternoon light on the west front of the Minster.

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Dean's Park

Beautiful and tranquil all year, but splendid now with trees turning crimson and gold. I can't say anything else about these photos except that on this day in October the place reminded me of a song about another park. Not because of the allusion to drug-taking, I hasten to add, but because "it's all too beautiful".

Dean's Park, by York Minster   Dean's Park war memorial
York Minster from Dean's Park   War memorial
War memorial – 2   Dean's Park, afternoon in late October

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