York Walks /1

Precentor's Court, Dean's Park and the Minster

Photographed on 25 January 2004

View of the Minster rising above Precentor's Court. 25 January 2004.

On High Petergate, by the Hole in the Wall pub, a narrow alleyway leads to Precentor's Court, a quiet cul-de-sac which gives a fine view of the Minster.


View along Precentor's Court to the Minster. 25 January 2004

Approaching the Minster from Precentor's Court Approaching the Minster, along Precentor's Court
Dean's Park, looking towards the war memorial. Late morning, 25 January 2004 Minster Library, Dean's Park

Dean's Park, by the Minster, is on the left as you reach the end of Precentor's Court. It's a beautiful place to sit, at any time of the year. As well as offering green open space, trees, and a view of the Minster, it contains the Minster Library, and a war memorial, pictured here.

War memorial, Dean's Park. 25 January 2004
War memorial, Dean's Park. Gary's bench, Dean's Park.

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For more information on the war memorial pictured above, see Memorial to the 2nd Division (Kohima memorial) on this site.

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Alongside Dean's Park is Minster Yard and the Treasurer's House, and nearby Chapter House Street and Ogleforth. If you'd like to see more of the Minster, see One cathedral, ten times. Also nearby is Duncombe Place.