York Walks /1

Riverside – Lendal Bridge to Ouse Bridge

Photographed on 1 February 2004

Lendal Bridge

Lendal Bridge and a higher-than-usual River Ouse

These photographs of Lendal Bridge, the riverside buildings and a rather flooded Ouse were taken on 1 February 2004. The river is a lot higher than normal after the thaw of the snow from the previous week, followed by heavy rain.

York Walks /3 (summer 2004) includes the area on the other side of Lendal Bridge: Lendal Bridge and the riverside.

The other side of Lendal Bridge, showing Lendal Tower on the opposite bank Lendal Tower

Below – the historic Guildhall building.

Boats moored in front of the the Guildhall, on the riverside The Guildhall, reflected in a rather flooded River Ouse

The images below show the same stretch of riverside 21 years apart. I found the 1983 photo and tried to reproduce the image as the river looks today. The area of riverside to the left of the photos houses the historic Guildhall, so hasn't been redeveloped as intensively as other riverside areas have (see Skeldergate). The area to the right of the photo has been redeveloped in recent years, with a sensitive refurbishment of many of the older buildings, and it is now home to several new bars and cafes (see York Walks /3: Riverside – off Coney Street and Spurriergate). Visible on the left here is one of these new additions. Its name isn't clear on the photo, but is very much of the 'Noughties'. In 1983 no one would have thought of calling a restaurant 'Orgasmic'.

View of the Guildhall and other riverside buildings, 1983 View of the Guildhall and other riverside buildings, 2004

Looking across to the Guildhall, 1983. Click to enlarge.

Looking across to the Guildhall, 2004. Click to enlarge.

This section of riverside has been enhanced since 1983, with the City Screen taking over the old newspaper offices and the introduction of riverside balconies with outdoor seating.

This area is shown in more detail from a later visit – York Walks /3: Riverside – off Coney Street and Spurriergate

Riverside between Lendal Bridge and Ouse Bridge, showing City Screen
Riverside area between Lendal Bridge and Ouse Bridge A varied collection of buildings – riverside between Lendal and Ouse Bridge

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