York Walks /3

Lendal Bridge and the riverside

Photographed in July & August 2004

Boat trips along the river begin from near to Lendal Bridge, and the rowing club is on the opposite bank. When I walked along here one summer's evening, I was more interested in this lovely little boat, which would be no use to the boat trips or to the rowing club. It does however look like the kind of boat you might escape in, the kind used by the various groups of adventurous children (Famous Five, Secret Seven, Irritating Eight (okay, think I imagined that last one) in stories by Enid Blyton.

  A boat! Quick, let's make our escape!
A boat with no apparent oars. Escape plan foiled!   Lendal Bridge: detail

Instead of taking all these photos I could have just got in this boat and rowed away. Except I realised I had no oars. And I was distracted by the beautiful green and gold initials on the bridge.

Lendal Bridge, decorative details   Lendal Bridge, with small person

Above, left and below, left: this is a beautifully decorated bridge, which perhaps it's difficult to appreciate properly if you're just dashing across it on your way somewhere. Perhaps better to stand by it awhile and have a proper look, like the child by the bridge (above right). Below right, a glimpse of the bridge from the opposite bank, by the rowing club.

Lendal Bridge, decorative details   Lendal Bridge
Lendal Bridge   Lendal Bridge and riverside with boats

Above: Lendal Bridge, with the modern office building on Wellington Row just behind it, and from a distance, back along the river bank, showing the river beyond the bridge as it passes the City Screen. For photos of the area past Lendal Bridge see York Walks /1: Riverside – Lendal Bridge to Ousebridge.

Yorkboat office gates, Lendal Bridge   York Cycle Hire sign, Lendal Bridge

Under the arches by the bridge you can book your boat trips or, if you prefer to be on land and go your own way, you can hire a bicycle, underneath this lovely painted sign. I thought this sign was so endearing I was almost inspired to hire a bike myself, but as it was evening the place was closed. Just as well, as it's hard to take photos while cycling, and this website is called York Walks. York Bike Rides may follow.

Riverside view, sunny summer evening after rain.   River Ouse view

Left: in the sunlit distance, a cyclist heads up the river towards the bottom of Marygate, by the Museum Gardens' railings. Right: the River Ouse, by the Museum Gardens.

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